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One must see the past of petty thoughts, that irritate to reach the profound to gain strength.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Professionalizing Leadership

Executive leadership coaching and advanced training in management and leadership aim to eradicate unproductive processes and promote effective and successful leadership. The combination of leadership coaching and supportive documentation results in significantly higher and, measurable individual competence in leadership.

Coaching in Leadership

Executive Coaching

Leadership for managers in executive positions: Sparring partner for reflecting and mirroring challenges, like strategic decisions, positioning and conflict management.
Coaching in Executive Leadership is aimed at experienced executives.

Coaching in Personal Leadership

Professional management: topics covered include goal-oriented leadership; development of a Personal Leadership style. Conceived for middle management, high-potentials and those in responsible positions who wish to strengthen and develop their management and leadership skills.

Business Coaching, Case Coaching

Professional coaching: Your business coach for specific challenges in Leadership. Case related reflection with solution oriented methodology.

Career Coaching, Outplacement


Preparation for taking up new position

+ Profile of candidate & competences,
   (personal analysis)
+ Preparation for position,
   accurate application documents

Time frame 3 months


Active support in basic search

Care and positive fitting, upgrading strengths, balance resources.
support job search, monitoring job offers, Interview skills. 

Time frame 6 - 9 months



Strategic Job search, incl. network of VISIUS

Strategic planning and job search,
Integration professional network of VISIUS career coaching,
longterm support.

Time frame max. 24 months



Individual Assessment

An Individual Assessment is the ideal instrument for evaluating potential, for assessing current status or selecting employees for specialist or management positions.

  • Short-Assessments with a personal profile outlining strong and weak points, proposals for professional development goals and support measures, role plays.
    Product: The report describes each candidate`s social competences, their approach to problem-solving, their management skills and their goal orientation and their entrepreneurship.
  • Procedures: The Assessment consists of an interview and of various role-playing exercises tailored to each specific situation, as well as presentations.

Management Development / Training / Workshop

Our management trainings and workshops gives new and experienced managers tangible how-to tools on the fundamentals in leadership. They learn to lead and influence people in a positive and productive manner. It gives an opportunity to get back to the basics, sharpen their skills and try on some leadership behaviour.
These include:

  • Development of leadership competences:
    Social competences - set up sustainable business relationship, based on trust and respect – inside and outside of the company.
  • Further development of leadership personality:
    Self-competency - authentic leadership contents reliablity, Integrity and fundamental values.
  • Strengthen basics in leadership:
    Leadership Instruments - focused on well-tried  leadership tools (e.g. goal-setting, delegation and professional conflict management).

Topics: Professional communication, fundamentals in leadership, teambilding, conflict management, stress management, resilience, principles of management, mission statements, strategy development (from vision to strategic analysis just to SMART goals and successful measures).

Resultats - VISIUS converts goals into results

Success is measurable when professional aims as well as personal goals have been fulfilled; when favorable comparisons to other achievements or terms of reference can be made. In order to set realistic goals, key questions need to be addressed: have I fulfilled turnover objectives? Is my leadership style effective?

In order measure results, target/performance comparisons are regularly documented during the coaching process.

Results and testimonials from coaching and course participants:
"It is easier to set goals and achieve better performance"
"Attitude towards staff members have changed for the better"
"Personal contact has become more relaxed, with increased mutual respect"
"Communication in meetings has greatly improved"
"More frequent questioning and genuine listening to others contributes towards a better mutual understanding"
"Increasing praise and recognition of staff members increases their productivity"
"Employees are more productive and have more drive"