VISIUS Management Development converts goals into results

Success is measurable when professional aims as well as personal goals have been fulfilled; when favorable comparisons to other achievements or terms of reference can be made. In order to set realistic goals, key questions need to be addressed: have I fulfilled turnover objectives? Is my leadership style effective? In order measure results, target/performance comparisons are regularly documented during the coaching process.

Results and testimonials from course participants:

"It is easier to set goals and achieve better performance"
"Attitude towards staff members have changed for the better"
"Personal contact has become more relaxed, with increased mutual respect"
"Communication in meetings has greatly improved"
"More frequent questioning and genuine listening to others contributes towards a better mutual understanding"
"Increasing praise and recognition of staff members increases their productivity"
"Employees are more productive and have more drive"

Result: strengthening one's skills strengthens the organization!