Current Mandates

Business Administration HFW Zug
  • Lecturer in Leadership 2, 5 & 6 Semester, expertised examiner 
Hardware Industry
  • Management development, member of higher management
  • Individuel leadership coaching of middle management
  • Coaching role change (employee - manager)
Public Administration (pool member)
  • Coaching mandate in leadership
Commodity Trading 
  • Leadership Coachings of high ranking management
Multinational Commodity
Trading Company
  • Leadership coaching of international manager (E)
  • Coaching specific Leadership topics
Metal Industry
  • Leadership development and coaching of high potentials
Public Company
  • Management development of executive manager
Energy Supplier 
  • Business coaching 
Plastic-processing Industry
  • Newplacement of manager
International Branch Company
  • Newplacements of middle managers
  • Assessments
  • Exit-Interviews